Dana Zificsak, Certified Travel Associate 

Since May 2013, over 800 families booked their travel with me.  As a small business owner, my clients' support means the world to me and enables me to keep helping families with the overwhelming choices they have to make when planning their vacations.

One of the most important factors in a vacation is the details. Especially with your hotel room. 

When I check into a room, I take pictures of the smallest details... For example: of the coffee pot and type... is it pods or a traditional coffee maker? Is there enough room for 5 people and all their stuff? How many outlets are there? What are the bath amenities? Are there feather or foam pillows? The list goes on. Funnily enough, the amount of detail I have in my brain about the hotel rooms I book makes me better at being a travel agent because I know to take the details that matter to you and match you to your best room.

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